WasaGroup is constructing a new branch for Stark Finland in Helsinki

Nationally operating Stark Finland, which offers products, services, and materials for construction and renovation, is expanding its operations with a new branch in Konala, Helsinki, along Vihdintie. The new retail spaces will be realized using the Wasa360 service model.

At present, Stark Finland serves its building customers extensively in 20 different locations across Finland. The Stark branch in Rovaniemi will open in late autumn, and the one in Konala, Helsinki, in spring 2024. Currently, Stark operates a total of six branches in the Greater Helsinki area.

Stark Helsinki Konala will be located at the address Ristipellontie 1. Customers will find it easy to reach from all directions, as it is in close proximity to Ring I (Kehä I). The future retail space will have a total area of 5,134 square meters.

Kuva: Minna Iisakka, WasaPlan Oy

The old property gets a new lease of life

With the renovation, the property will get a new life and a new façade. The area’s attractiveness will significantly improve. The renovation will make good use of the old property, aligning with the goals of both WasaGroup and Stark to keep the resulting carbon footprint in property development as small as possible. The renovation work will modernize the property in terms of technology and functionality, catering to Stark’s needs.

It’s fantastic to be able to collaborate with Stark. This is a particularly pleasant development in light of the current situation in the construction industry. The positive news is good for the industry, and we are excited to implement new retail spaces for Stark,” says Timo Pahkala, CEO of WasaGroup.

Kuva: Minna Iisakka, WasaPlan Oy

Stark’s new branch enhances service for building customers in the Helsinki metropolitan area

The opening of the Konala branch is part of our growth strategy. Expanding our network in the Helsinki metropolitan area improves service and offerings for professional customers and quality-conscious consumers. At the same time, we strengthen our competitiveness and service capacity as well as our visibility. We invest in a wide range of services and offerings for professional builders. Our excellent logistics services enhance job site efficiency and project completion. The large semi-heated pick-up hall being built in Konala makes shopping easy and pleasant. In Stark, both construction professionals and home renovators can rely on competent service. Although the outlook in the construction industry, especially in housing construction, is currently quite tough, we are looking ahead and beyond the current situation, building the future,” says Harri Päiväniemi, CEO of Stark Finland.

The new retail spaces are realized using the Wasa360 service model

The retail spaces are implemented using the Wasa360 service model. In this model, WasaGroup takes care of all aspects of property development, from land acquisition, financing, and property planning to construction and ongoing property maintenance.

The design work for the commercial property is handled by the design office WasaPlan Oy, with Restok Oy as the main contractor. Tuohex Capital Oy is the investor in the project.

A commercial center is also planned for the same plot

On the same plot, a commercial center is planned, which will include retail, storage, and office spaces. Explore the project.

Kuva: Minna Iisakka, WasaPlan Oy


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