Planning and Design

WasaPlan is a one-stop design agency

We offer comprehensive services in all areas of design and planning. Our services include principal design, architectural design, structural design, electrical planning and HVAC design. We are able to provide all of the design services required by our client’s construction projects.

From the client’s perspective, this means avoiding costly overlaps and unnecessary alterations during construction. By combining architectural, structural and HVAC design, we can ensure efficient design, the seamless compatibility of different designs and a smooth construction project.

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WasaPlan services

Principal design

As the principal designer, we are in charge of the construction project design quality from start to finish throughout the construction project.

The principal designer ensures that all designs are compatible and consistent and that the different design areas of architectural, structural, HVAC and electrical design create a coherent whole. Typically, we are principal designers in projects where we offer a comprehensive design service.

Architectural design

We provide our clients with sustainable and beautiful solutions, as well as effective and rational design, without delay.

Our design work is guided by the client’s wishes and needs, the agreed upon cost framework, land use plans and authority regulations. In addition to skilled and experienced designers, we can utilise the expertise of the entire group in order to create functional and effective solutions.

Structural design

We offer structural design services for both new construction and renovation projects.

In structural design, we look for cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of the client, contractor and user.

When selecting the framework solution, we take into account the construction costs of different solutions and the current market situation in order to select cost-effective structural systems. Our design concept has become cost-effective thanks to our extensive experience in structural design for various turnkey projects.

Technical building system design

Our HVAC design looks for energy-efficient and economical solutions that meet the client’s needs.

We offer heating, water supply, ventilation and electrical design services and technical building management. We offer design and consultancy services for all building management needs, from new construction to various alterations and repairs.

Combining the architectural, structural and HVAC designs provides benefits to our clients. Our overall design competence enables the cost-effective implementation of high-quality projects.

Repair and rebuilding design

We provide architectural and structural designs for all types of repair, extension and rebuilding projects.

Our clients include real estate investors, real estate and housing companies, construction companies and the public sector. Repair, extension and rebuilding projects often place high requirements on the quality of designs. Combining existing structures and functions with new ones requires high professional skill.

When the intended use of a property is changed, we observe the requirements of land use planning, rescue services and other authorities and negotiate with them on our client’s behalf. In addition to our design expertise, we can make use of the entire WasaGroup construction competence to the benefit of our clients.