Facilities full of life

WasaGroup designs, constructs, develops and rents out different types of facilities for the needs of businesses and municipalities alike.

We do not simply carry out construction contracting and constructing. Across the country, we are involved in developing active centres of living that enable smooth everyday life and special occasions – all kinds of encounters.

In our facility solutions, our focus is on quality and safety. We also pay special attention to the locations of the properties. For example, this allows us to ensure an appropriate location for transport services and create synergy with other operators in the area.

Facilities for companies:

  • business premises
  • offices
  • hotels
  • production facilities
  • logistics and warehouses

Facilities for municipalities:

  • Day care centres
  • Schools
  • Sports, exercise and well-being facilities
  • Health and medical centres
  • Residential care and care facilities
  • Other public facilities, e.g. libraries

We fund and implement modern business premises for companies

We implement various business premises for companies in the ideal locations. Business premises must offer company employees a place where working is pleasant, safe, efficient and productive. The appearance and visual impact of business premises also creates an impression of the company operating there.

Novel innovations for facility locations

We look for the ideal locations for companies, we plan and implement high-quality premises and look for solutions that allow the new facilities to support their business in the best possible manner.

More than commercial premises

For our properties, we look for several operators whose business activities support and complement each other. Their businesses can be related or their operations may include synergies related to the use of the property. We also aim to find operators that provide customer traffic to one another.

Overall responsibility with the Wasa360 concept

Our Wasa360 concept combines effective project development with innovative overall design and cost-effective real estate construction contracting and maintenance.

WasaGroup’s Wasa360 concept means that WasaGroup assumes overall responsibility for the real estate and its life cycle. WasaGroup is in charge of property design and implementation, as well as its funding, rental and maintenance.

With the Wasa360 concept, WasaGroup genuinely assumes overall responsibility for the real estate investment, taking into account the entire life cycle of the property.

Investment and funding from a single operator

Business premises implemented by WasaGroup do not tie up your company capital or cause debt. The investment is fully funded by the WGF fund acting as the lessor.



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