Wasa360 Service Model

Your project, our responsibility – from start to finish.

With our Wasa360 service model, we provide our clients with comprehensive and tailor-made turnkey real estate projects. The Wasa360 service model covers the real estate development project funding, design, implementation and property maintenance.

We do our part in ensuring that the objectives that the client sets for the real estate investment are met. In creating the Wasa360 concept, we discovered that the most sensible way of reaching the objectives is to offer a comprehensive service model based on rental facilities that covers the real estate development project funding, design and implementation, as well as the property maintenance.

With us fully in control, the quality or costs of the work do not cause unpleasant surprises at any stage of the real estate development and construction project.

Real Estate Development

Within real estate development, our aim is to provide our clients with the best possible facilities in an excellent location. In real estate development projects, we harness our expertise in order to chart the opportunities of the property and select the correct implementation methods, while prioritising the client’s objectives and remaining within the budget.

Real estate development targets can include land areas set for land use planning, ready plots or existing buildings that are to be renovated, demolished, reconstructed or extended. We are also experienced in alterations of the intended use.


The key to our unique operating model is a ready-made funding solution. Our cooperation partner Tuohex Capital Oy acts as the lessor and funder of our facilities. The Wasa360 service model offers efficient production to the benefit of both lessees and property investors.

Solutions for Our Clients

We realise facilities that meet the needs of our clients. The client has the opportunity to already provide input about the premises during the project development phase. We chart the opportunities and implementation methods of the property, while prioritising the client’s objectives and remaining within the budget.

Planning and Design

All design work takes place in seamless cooperation between the client, project development and operational organisation. Our focus is on quality, which also covers the functionality and adaptability of the property, while taking implementation costs into consideration. We can also take care of the necessary permits and official matters on behalf of the client.

A member of WasaGroup, the design agency WasaPlan offers principal design, architectural design, structural design, technical building system design as well as data modelling and visualisation. We also carry out design related to real estate renovation, reconstruction and extension.

Construction Management

Professional construction contracting guarantees quality and sticking to schedules. We offer expert services in project management and construction contracting consultancy, thus also protecting our client’s interests during the implementation stage of the real estate development project. We can also be in charge of construction site monitoring.

Our expertise in construction and design ensures efficient planning guidance, cost-effective acquisitions and a good price-quality ratio. In addition to the implementation stage, we are also in charge of the commissioning and guarantee period.


We take full responsibility for the successful construction phase in both new constructions and repair constructions. WasaGroup offers construction services through our group member WasaCon Oy or our extensive cooperation network. The majority of our projects are implemented with the comprehensive turnkey principle, making use of the entire WasaGroup expertise in implementing an overall construction project.

Property Maintenance

Our property maintenance is focused on satisfied users and maintaining the value of properties. This is why we not only invest in the monitoring and follow-up of the properties themselves, but also of the selected operators in charge of property maintenance.

In Finland, our real estate funds mainly invest in new construction, and the premises are leased out to good lessees with long-term contracts. The funds focus on selecting and preparing investment targets in order to ensure that the value is retained and the building investment is profitable.

Value Development

Our funding partner Tuohex Capital Oy is an active operator in the real estate markets. We provide administrative, financial and technical building management services to our client’s investments within the framework of our extensive real estate asset management expertise.